Color: Brushed Aluminium

The AIO C network player allows you to stream all music wirelessly to your current music system. This small aluminum case contains an incredible amount of technology and features to bring your system into the digital age.

This small compact streamer offers all the AIO functionalities, you can listen to all of your music, whether it is from the largest streaming services, internet radio or even those stored on your phone or your local network from the "Triangle AIO" app.

Benefiting from Multiroom technology, the AIO C will transform your old system as one of the speakers of your network. For example, play music on your main Hi-Fi system with AIO C in the living room and pair it instantly with AIO3 speaker in your kitchen.

The AIO C can be connected to your network either via wifi or ethernet. It has a 3.5mm RCA and S/PDIF output to send the signal either in digital or analog to your amplifier.

High Resolution Sound:
A major innovation, AIO technology allows you to stream all your songs in High-Resolution via your Wi-Fi. All devices are High-Res standard (24bits / 192kHz) to transcribe all the details and finesse of Music.

Multiroom Technology:

AIO technology allows you to easily build a multiroom network of up to 12 devices from the AIO range. Play music in all rooms of your house and control all devices from the TRIANGLE AIO app

Wide Choice Of Streaming Options:
The TRIANGLE AIO application is compatible with Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal services as well as internet radio from around the world..

Sutible For Use In Almost Any Audio System: 
The AIO C integrates two audio outputs, the first is a universal 3.5mm Jack (Stereo) output allowing you to connect to any amplifier on the market. Its Optical output (SPDIF) will be preferred for high-end systems in order to preserve the signal in digital and to convert the signal on an External DAC.

Inputs and Connections:

Multiroom : Control up to 12 speakers simultaneously via the TRIANGLE AIO app.

Wifi – High Res: Stream high resolution sound (24bits / 192kHz) over CD quality via WiFi.

DLNA : Access music stored on your phone and on your local network.

Dedicated Application:
Available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, the "TRIANGLE AIO" control application offers you, in addition to managing your speakers and music, many additional features:

Wake / Sleep: Easily schedule your AIO to turn on or off at a time or after a set amount of time.

Wifi repeater: All AIO devices can also relay wifi and allow you to cover a new area of ​​your home. Very practical for large spaces.

Source Management: Switch freely between Wifi, Optical and RCA input directly from the application.

Included With The AIO C : 
The AIO C speaker is supplied with a 5mv USB power cord, a power outlet, a 3.5mm jack cable and an RCA cable for immediate power on.. 


- Wireless network IEEE 8.2.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Ethernet
- Wired connectivity Single 10/100M RJ45 Jack
- Frequency response 20Hz - 20KHz
- Power input 5V-1A
- Audio input USB 2.0
- Audio formats MP3 - AAC+ALAC - FLAC - AOE - WAV
- Dimensions L3.15 x W3.15 x H0.79"
- Weight 0.35 lbs


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